12 Aug 2010

Moovement needs support

I noted the campaign for a Sustainable Livestock Bill on my blog here. Well now you can add your name to a Friends of the Earth petition for rainforest-free meat and dairy here. This autumn, MPs will be voting on a new law to break the hidden link between animal feed in factory farms and wildlife and rainforest destruction in South America. FoE are asking us to join their MOOvement to make sure MPs support UK farmers to feed their animals a diet that doesn't cost the planet.

Photo: Cows on Minch Common


Russ said...

So where is the animal feed supposed to come from?

Anonymous said...

Pasture not grain to feed animals and let's stop eating so many.

Russ said...

Well, that will mean no more pigs, and chickens, won't it?

I just have my doubts about the joined up thinkingness about this campaign.

Philip Booth said...

My hope is that the price of meat will rise to reflect the damage it does to the planet - that will at least lead to a shift away from meat - anonymous is right that pasture fed is better in terms of sustainability - see The Carbon Fields book.

However Russ is also right this is a very complex area and shifts away from one meat could lead to more of those dreadful monster chicken and pig factory houses. Having said that this campaign is targeting one of the most destructive forms of meat production.