5 Sep 2010

Flood averted: Big Society in action?

Some might remember my comments about the Big Society in the local press - see here - well I do have serious reservations as I noted then - we hear almost daily about threats and cuts to services and more. But on a brighter note last week I was down by the allotments at a meeting trying to sort out water for the site...well as we talked the rain got heavier and heavier...

Photos: taken after the water subsided to commemorate the wee flood

At this point in Humphreys End the road floods to some 30 cm deep very rapidly across the whole road - and indeed with the gulley blocked we watched it grow from a puddle to more...indeed when we got to wading to clear the gulley the water was nearly over my wellies....

Well you'll be delighted to learn that we managed to clear the gulley and the water rapidly subsided. Flood averted. We are due for gulley cleaning tomorrow in this area - at least in this case the gulleys took the water once they were clear.

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