6 Sep 2010

Courgette: not first crop at allotment?

I mentioned a wee while ago (see here) that I and my partner were possibly the first to get a crop off the new allotment site - well one courgette so far!

Well here are some of the comments from the other allotment folk - oh and at the bottom Alys Fowler's trick to deal with too many courgettes....

It depends we moved our large rhubarb plant down the other day and then harvested it. Does that count?

Hold on.....I saw Greg and Sue picking blackberries AGES ago

We had bramble and bindweed soup months ago now!

Does nettle soup count?

Well I want livestock prize in that case - I harvested caterpillars some weeks before the bramble matured!

We have allotment blackberry wine on the go & have made allotment blackberry jelly too.
Ian harvested ash logs ages ago does that count?

Too many courgettes to eat?

To freeze courgettes - weigh and grate them using the medium disk of a food processor or a hand grater. Place the grated squash in a large colander with small holes. For each pound of courgette sprinkle on 1 teaspoon of salt and mix well. Let it drain for about half an hour. Then press it firmly against the sides of the vessel to squeeze out as much water as possible.

Remove the grated courgette one handful at a time and squeeze until as dry as possible. It is important to get out as much water as possible. There should be about one rounded cup of shreds for each pound of courgette. Place into containers and freeze.

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