25 Jul 2010

Only 1.4% want to save money!?

I meant to also mention in my last blog today regarding my meeting at Wessex Water that I asked about the results of their water and energy efficiency campaign. They have been giving out packs to help folk save water - but it seems so far since the launch on 1st April only 7,000 people have applied out of 500,000 in the Wessex region.

Wessex Water and indeed Severn Trent and other companies have been giving away a pack to save water - which also means saving energy - the pack includes a shower save (pictured) that can cut bills by £40 per year - people are asked to apply for the packs as research shows if they are just issued few people use them.

So why not save money? It is a good indication of the challenges we have to change behaviours. If there are folk out there who didn't respond to the Severn Trent or Wessex offer please do let me know why....clearly some missed the offer as they haven't read their news from the water companies, others might not have a shower...

Anyhow packs are still available - and I would recommend going one step further with an eco-shower head and tap inserts - see details of shower save and more here.

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