23 Jun 2010

I'm now saving 18 litres of water per day

Well actually I'm not sure if that is true but the makers of tap inserts say that they can save up to that amount - I fitted one at the weekend and certainly I have a smoother flow with less water - but not so noticeable as the spray is faster if you see what I mean - anyway I think they are well worth it - almost any saving will start to pay for itself in terms of savings on hot water especially if folk don't use a washing up bowl.

Tap inserts - see photo of me installing above - takes less than a minute and fits 85% of taps - see the brief video here about how to install.

Free showersave - at the moment both Wessex Water and Severn Trent (and maybe other water companies) are giving away free showerheads - see Severn Trent here - these are not the same as the whole showerheads - see next item - but do still save up to £40 per year - again well worth installing. The photo left shows the small device screwed into the shower - it takes 10 seconds to install!

Eco-Showerheads - well I've already fitted one of these a long while ago - and rave about how much I have saved of hot water - see photo left - it looks just the same as any other showerhead and takes about 10 seconds to screw off the old head and screw on the new - although my Eco-Camel at about £20 has now been outperformed by the NordicEco shower with a higher price tag - see a review here - if it saves all it says then the higher price is worth the money saved....

See the previous excellent summary of water saving hints here that we wrote for the Ruscombe Brook Action Group - and here previous blogs on RBAG.

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