26 Jul 2010

Water fountains in our parks?

I've mentioned the Story of Stuff video before - well now comes this charming web clip: http://storyofstuff.org/bottledwater/

Photo: View across to Randwick from Ebley

About the same time I saw that I read that the Ecologist reports on a survey that found that only 11 per cent of public parks in the UK have a water fountain and just 6 per cent had every water fountain working - it is suggested that this is pushing children towards unhealthy sugary drinks.

The Children's Food Campaign is recommending local councils fix and install fountains in more parks as well as providing signs to point out existing ones. Campaign coordinator, Christine Haigh said: "Drinking fountains are a cheap and easy way of improving public health. It’s not rocket science - the Victorians were way ahead of us on this issue."

Sadly with public services facing such cuts I don't think this is a priority that Council's will be considering - see my last comment re tackling obesity here. Of course if we took a Green approach then all these factors would make sense - plus tackling the dreadful food adverts, cutting the 6 to 7kg (13-15lbs) of chemical additives we each eat every year, reducing inequalities - and even 20 mph limits which lead to more people walking and cycling.


I was just sent the link re the 1862 Nailsworth Fountain by local cartoonist Russ - see here - the plans to get that restored started many years ago when I was still living in Nailsworth - great to see it finally up and running - and so beautifully restored.

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