11 May 2010

Randwick Wap 2010

The Wap in Randwick was on Saturday 8th May - you can read a brief background to this event here - this year's photos of the ceremonies are on a Facebook site here. In this blog you'll see some of my pics of the stalls after the procession and ceremonies - despite a slight drizzle and more we did see the sun a couple of times and spirits were great in this wonderful community event.

This is just a taster of photos and scribblings from me as there was much going on after the main event - from the dog display to music to raffle to stalls and food of all kinds. One of the first photos here above is of the Smartie eating competition - at the time I was there the winner had managed 21 with chopsticks - it was all being videoed to comply with Guinness Book of Records stuff - hopefully news of the winner will be in the Randwick Runner this weekend?

The cheese that had been rolled was up for sale along with the Wipput cake....plus in the church hall there was a whole range of the most colourful fairy cakes - black ones with purple flowers, green and yellow ones...well every colour...

Then of course the coconut shy, skittles and various other similar stalls - but best of all all the people to meet and talk to!

One of the stalls in the Village Hall was being run by the Parish Design Statement group - see more here - and here about the recent Core Strategy consultation. Well Tony Wilton had designed a brilliant video to show the impact the proposed housing could have on our area.

The photos here show some of the maps and plans the group had on display - there was a constant crowd of people around them and the video - indeed I'm meeting Tony later today to see if we can get a copy that we can show at the Parish AGM at 7.30 on 18th and the Parish Plan morning 10-1 on 15th May - both at Whiteshill Village Hall next to the church.

Anyway must get on with some other stuff but wanted to also mention Emanuel and Martha's Handcrafted Felt Bags - the stall was full of so many delightful things - including these owls - it was the first time out and they are also hoping to get a stall with the Farmers Market - but there is such a waiting list - their number is 07922103527 - I thought they also had a website here - but it doesn't seem to work yet.

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