24 Apr 2010

Wap on 8th May

The Wap in Randwick will be on 8th May this year - you can read the background to this event on the Randwick Gateway site here.

Photo: Programme from this year - I managed to get the first programme this year with number 00001 for the prize draw - below pic from 2008- see here other photos from 2008.

Wap Day or Mayor's Day is an ancient procession and festival dating back to the Middle Ages. Various theories exist on how it all began but it was halted due to rowdiness in 1852. The Rev Nial Morrison restarted the Wap in 1972 and since then it has grown into a wonderful community event involving many local groups and still with lots of the ancient traditions like chees rolling and duning the mayor in the pool.

This year Wap Mayor is Lyn Elliot who has lived in the village for 16 years and worked at the Playgroup for most of that. Anyway the event all kicks off at 12.45 with Bell Ringers then 1.15ish the procession begins - the War Memorial moving down to the Ducking pool then Cheese Rolling at the Well Leaze and onto the playing fields. Presentations and dancers plus various entertainments and loads of stalls, cream teas at the school, cakes, WI etc etc plus at 5pm welly wanging then 6.30 a kids disco followed by sharing the mayor's jug and live music sponsored by the Vine Tree at 8.30pm. There will even be an attempt at a Guiness Book of records challenge - poss eating peas or beans with chopsticks.....

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