12 May 2010

Hedgehog loving carpenter wanted!

At the Wap on Saturday - see my blog post here - the local Hedgehog Hospital had a stall. It was good to catch up with Annie Parfitt, "Hog Mother" - you can see my visit to the hospital and other previous blogs on hedgehogs by clicking here and scrolling down.

Photos: Annie at the Hedgehog Hospital stall at Wap

Hedgehogs are dying out at a rate of about a fifth of the population every four years it is wonderful that the Hedgehog Hospital in Brimscombe is not only raising awareness of this issue but also rescuing and helping hedgehogs - their website has more info: www.helpahedgehog.org/

Well I learnt that Annie needs help from a carpenter willing to give a little bit of time - already she has a number of specially built sheds and a huge number of volunteers but some woodwork skills would be great - do contact her via their website if you think you might be able to help.

Another project that is in the process of being launched is to have a Hedgehog Warden in each area - more news on that soon.

Lastly see article entitled "Why only hedgehogs can make us love nature" here. A scientist who 'doesn't do dippy nonsense', hedgehog expert Hugh Warwick was moved by one spiny specimen into a new-found appreciation for the natural world.

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