13 May 2010

Refuse and recycling days set to change

From June 1st 2010 some of the refuse & recycling days are changing. Go to Where I live section on Stroud District Council's website and put in your postcode - see here - details of the new recycling will be found there along with a scary photo of me from a long time ago!

Photos: plastic lighters found on Bigbury Bay beech in Devon where I was earlier this year - great way of displaying them! Below plastic recycling in Norway where money back was issues for each bottle.

Many will find in our area that the refuse collection day remains Thursday starting 03/06/2010 - so that makes our first recycling collection from June is Thursday 10/06/2010 (week 2). There will be new calenders for all householders.

At the same time that these changes take place, a small recycling trial for textiles in Wotton-under-Edge, and two cardboard recycling trials in a part of Cashes Green and a part of Nailsworth will come to an end. These affect 1,900 out of a total 49,500 households. The argument is that they would be prohibitively expensive to roll out across the District. The Council are working with other Gloucestershire councils and Veolia to see how a completely revised collection system could help us increase the range of items we collect for recycling - but hey come on, many others have been doing this for a while - and food waste. Stroud has dropped back significantly in terms of recycling rates. As I've said before this isn't good enough. Greens would like to see the new contract not yet more talk.

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Russ said...

well, recycling could be made more efficient and include more types of material, if recycling bags could be distributed and then on collection day the full bags could all just be thrown into the back of a truck and sorted out back at the depot.....maybe

But maybe the bags would burst.