5 May 2010

Election: one day to go

Well the election is now only a day away - I've canvassed the whole of Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward. I hope that folk will consider reelecting me - certainly the feedback has been very positive. If you still have questions do please call me on 01453755451.

Photo: Deputy Mayor John Marjoram joined me one evening to help canvas the ward and below poster boards for our excellent candidate in Nailsworth - I've joined the canvassing there on a couple of evenings - Bisley campaign also looking very good - and even The Stanleys is going much better than we had hoped.

Locally as folk will know there are only two other candidates in this ward. John Leslie Appleton for Labour who lives in Nailsworth and Jason Owen Bullingham for Conservatives who lives in Painswick. I haven't met either of them at any local meetings or Parish Council meetings, but wish them well in this election.....of course not too well!!

See my summary of key issues here and my campaign leaflet to download here.

Other election stuff of possible interest on this blog include:

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Graphic of political parties slide to the right.

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Anyway must to work now - to be honest will be glad when all this election stuff is over and we can get back to some real work!

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