4 May 2010

Report on Oldbury now on our website

Oldbury_report_launchAs promised here the report on Oldbury is now on our website - see it here with the press release and the photo before the report was launched. It is well worth a read as it covers the main issues.

Basically it is absurd that the Government is strongly supporting the construction of new nuclear power stations whilst depriving renewable power and energy saving initiatives of investment. We are blessed by some of the most abundant
offshore wind, wave and tidal resources in the world. The UK could, given the political will, cut energy use and develop sufficient green power to secure a nuclear-free, low carbon future.

Selling off the UK’s energy infrastructure to a few large corporations has steered energy policy in the direction of large centralised energy solutions; dirty coal or nuclear. But why be forced to choose between the lesser of these two evils when there is a greener third way? Big energy is big business – energy conservation gets ignored and renewables get unwarranted bad press. Yet, look beyond the headlines and the reality is very different; affordable zero carbon homes, super-efficient hypercars, biofuels from waste and low-energy manufacturing systems.

Photo: Dennis Gould in the Shambles Market selling T-shirts with the message "Earth is Flat, Nuclear Power is Safe, Pigs Fly".

Current nuclear technologies are dirty, dangerous and expensive. They perpetuate the myth that we can go on consuming energy without limits. I can also recommend seeing the Youtube of Green party supporter Jonathan Porritt talking recently in Taunton about nuclear here.

I also liked his article here where Porritt sums up how many of us have been feeling - ie disillusioned with the fight against nuclear power - although I see a glimmer of hope that we can yet stop this nuclear nonsense - but will Lib Dems hold the balance of power and will they hold to their manifesto promises....

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