18 Apr 2010

Launch of election campaign

Greens launched their local election campaign on Saturday 17th April in Nailsworth. It was a fun morning to catch up with other Greens - in reality many of us have already started knocking on doors and delivering leaflets. The District Council elections are on the same day as the General election - but only a third of the District seats are up for election - Parish and Town elections have been postponed a couple of weeks or so after.

Indeed I hope to have all my leaflets out by Tuesday - but you can also download my election leaflet here from our new Stroud District Green party website that is due to be launched properly in a couple of days.

Photos: Above group shot of candidates and members and left, Fi Macmillan, the Green Group leader on the District Council pictured with Martin Whiteside, the Parliamentary candidate for Stroud and Kevin Lister the Parliamentary candidate for Cotswolds.

Nailsworth councillor Fi Macmillan gave us and the press a bit of a speech which I found wonderfully positive and encouraging - part of what went to the press that she said is: “This is our time, never have Green policies been more relevant to the electorate whether they are on jobs, affordable housing, transport or energy and fuel poverty. We are in this for the long term and we hope that this local election will be a step along the way for greater Green Party representation on the Stroud District Council.”

Photo: Catherine Farrell

Catherine Farrell, is our candidate for Nailsworth and is hoping to join Fi Macmillan on the Council - she is a long-term Nailsworth resident who ran a business there, but more recently developed the Gloucestershire Economic Strategy in her role at Gloucestershire First. She has worked on a wide range of economic issues and her experience and knowledge will be invaluable in terms of supporting Nailsworth businesses and residents.

Photos: Anna Bonallack with Martin Whiteside and below getting ready for the press photo

Catherine gave a short speech and so did our other target ward candidates Anna Bonallack who is hoping to retake Bisley which was once a green seat and Nicola Hilary for the Stanleys - and of course me for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward. Anna is the only candidate who lives in the ward - infact I am for this ward too - her energy and enthusiasm for green issues will be a huge asset - she is a primary school teacher with a degree in Environmental Science plus loads of experiences like running local youth groups and setting up a Community Interest Company. Nicola Hilary also has lots to offer - environmental and charity work including 6 years in senior management with the BioRegional Development Group. It would be wonderful to increase the number of Green councillors and increase our influence - it is great to see how much more we have achieved with Fi joining us when she won Nailsworth in 2008.

Amongst the 11 candidates we are standing there is also Miriam Yagud, a Parish Councillor, standing in Dursley. She came over for the day to help with the launch - and has already been out canvassing - she said: “The response of local people when they hear that a Green candidate is standing is immense. People who are concerned about jobs and the future for their children are interested in Green policies and believe that they provide a solution.”

Anyway that's enough of a taster of our District election campaign launch.

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