21 Apr 2010

Randwick micro-winery launched at Vine Tree

The Vine Tree in Randwick on Sunday night hosted the launch and tasting evening of Field Bar wines. Many locals to the pub and village came along to meet and taste the wines that have been brewing in the heart of the village.

Photos: Field Bar launch at The Vine Tree

Regular blog readers will know that I've already covered these wines on my blog - see here - and here when we celebrated getting on the new allotment site. Anyhow it was a great evening - lovely sitting in the sun outside the pub - and for me a good day with no canvassing! Of course I'm already back to that - it is a great to meet people and hear about what issues they see as important. Lots of stuff has come up - will try and do a blog on that in the coming weeks....

Anyway I digress the local press were understandably interested in the launch of these wines so here's the quote I sent:

Philip Booth, the District councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe, said: "It was a great pleasure to be at the launch of Field Bar Wines at our friendly local pub, The Vine Tree. It is great that this new micro-winery in Randwick uses lots of local produce - some even from hedgerows in the village - all with no added extra flavourings or additives. I thought I didn't like fruit wines but Field Bar has changed my mind - clear, fresh tasting and many dry wines. It is no wonder that even a French company is interested in them! This enterprising couple deserve all success with their quality wines and they look set to add their names to the growing list of award-winning local food producers that we have in the Five Valleys."

Philip Booth added: "My favourite is the Lemon wine - apparently the Marmite of wines - a love it or hate it - it goes very well with a curry. My partner's favourite is the Strawberry - dry, crisp, intensely strawberry and totally the taste of summer!"

Ah well here's the website address for this new company: www.fieldbarwine.co.uk

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Hampers said...

what a beautiful winery! Tastings are so much fun! Keep on posting some more blogs like this.