20 Feb 2010

Field Bar wines of Randwick

I read in Stroud Life this week about a couple in Randwick, Alice Barfield (hence the name of the wines) and Matt Eaton, who have made a business by turning their cottage in Church Road into a winery. As regular blog readers will know, every now and then, I cover local businesses in Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe....well not sure how I missed this one.....

As their website says: "Field Bar Wine produce and sell a range of wines made from delicious, locally picked and grown fruits. We have developed a range of wines made from all manner of fruit and flowers like Strawberry and Elderflower. Our range is constantly expanding and evolving...Where possible, we source our produce from local hedgerow and suppliers, and make all the wine by hand in our micro-winery in the Cotswolds. We don't add extra flavourings or additives to our wines to keep them as pure and fresh as possible."

In Stroud Life Alice is quoted saying: "We are gambling everything in the middle of a recession. But it is something we simply love doing.....They are dry wines. They are not sweet, in fact they're quite tart and good with food."

Now that gets me interested - there is a time and place for those sweet fruit wines - and in my view there are not so many times or places! But when you talk dry, that sounds intriguing and I'll be supporting them next time I get to see them at the Farmers Market. A very good luck to Field Bar wines indeed.

The wines are available at Stroud Farmers Market on 2nd and 4th Saturdays - See more at: www.fieldbarwine.co.uk

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