21 Feb 2010

Food Inc comes to Minch

I'm back from the Green party conference in London - more of that soon but a busy few days ahead - just wanted to get this notice out - the film Food Inc will play at the Market House in Minch on 16th March at 7.30pm. Booking is recommended- tickets from Quadra or M&B stores at £5 (£4) or email transitionminch (at) btinternet.com.

I just got an email from the folks at Transition Minch who saw the film in Bath and are organising the event - they said it is well worth a viewing....

Michael Sheldon, of Transition Minch writes: "For anyone who eats food, seeing this film is a must"! It was the biggest selling dvd in the US last year and we feel everyone should realise how food is being produced. If you want more information go to the FOOD, INC. website: www.foodincmovie.co.uk "

It is Oscar Nominated for Best Documentary 2010. It is great that Transition Minch are giving folk locally a chance to see it. Here's more from the advertising re the film: "Lifting the veil on the powerful interests at the heart of US agriculture, FOOD, INC. gives a revelatory insight into a world that big business would rather we didn't see. Shot through with black humour and smart visual effects, the film is as entertaining as it is informative, following the journey of our food from seed to supermarket. This is a process defined by industrial systemisation, economic exploitation and political collusion. The new mantra is 'fatter, bigger, cheaper', as a cabal of major corporations present the illusion of choice while squeezing the life out of the competition, the countryside and, ultimately, the planet."

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