21 Apr 2010

Petition: sign today to stop commercial whale hunting move

On Thursday, a proposal will be unveiled that would legalize commercial whale hunting for the first time in 24 years. It seems many governments are planning to stand aside and allow commercial whaling to resume. It is vital we don't let them do this.

Photo: Market stall, Bergen, Norway

Avaaz has launched a last-moment petition to show our leaders their people want to protect whales, not hunt, kill, and sell them. The petition will be sent to the delegates to the International Whaling Commission every time we raise another 100,000 signatures - pplease join me in signing at: www.avaaz.org/en/whales_under_threat_5/?vl

Here is more of what Avaaz said: "A strong international consensus has opposed whaling for decades - but for just as long, Japan, Norway, and Iceland have continued to hunt whales, ignoring the global ban on whaling or exploiting a loophole by claiming their expeditions were "scientific research." Now they could be rewarded by a "compromise" proposal, in which their commercial whaling would be made legal. Worse still, a number of other countries are watching the process closely - with rumored plans to start their own whaling programs if the proposal goes through. If Japan, Norway, and Iceland can hunt whales and sell their meat, others will ask "if them, why not us?""

Some blog readers may remember Greens have been working to try and close loopholes in the existing legislation - see previous petition from October 2007 here. Indeed Green MEP Caroline Lucas has continued to apply pressure - yet last year the EU permitted commercial whaling of 150 fin whales and 100 minke whales - this makes no sense - there are huge questions about sustainability of whale populations - plus whales have increasingly helped boost tourism. Please do sign the petition.


Anonymous said...

Japanese don't care about whales it seem's like they only care about money and their bussnies

imagine u being hunted and not even giving u a chance to get away. Whales are huge but it's so cruel that 1 whale gets killed by more than 1 person!

Anonymous said...

It's so cruel that more than 1 person can kill a huge whale so harshly and not care.the whale dosnt even have a chance to get away.