13 Jan 2010

Local snow news: recycling, grit and help offered!

Here are some various bits of news:

Photo: Near Ruscombe Brook

Recycling: Overnight snow has caused problems so there will be no waste or recycling collections tomorrow (Thursday) - the day most in this area get collected. On Friday they will collect rubbish scheduled for Thursday collection, and on Saturday they will collect Friday's scheduled collections. Depending on conditions, this information is subject to change. Additionally, until conditions improve, the council is unable to deal with any further requests for bulky refuse collections.

The latest information will appear, as usual, on the council's website at www.stroud.gov.uk and be publicised via BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Heart FM radio and local news websites.

Grit: apparently grit is still being used to do private drives- this maybe appropriate if
the person is an essential worker or in an emergency but residents are meant to supply their own grit not use stuff for our roads and footpaths. There have been particular problems in Whiteshill and apparently similar problems in neighbouring Pitchcombe and indeed Brockworth. Notices are going up now saying:
SALT FOR USE ON PUBLIC ROADS IN WHITESHILL & RUSCOMBE ONLY - Do not take for use on private driveways
Snow fun: see previous blog here - please ask sledgers to take rubbish away with them - already an assortment of road signs, plastic bags and sheets of plastic in all colours has had to be removed by folk - indeed I already have half a black bag of stuff from fields around Bread Street today.

Help offered: a neighbour of mine with a car that is nearly a 4x4 has offered to help any local folk who get stuck for stuff like shopping - call me if you need help - similarly the District Council and many others are offering services - a few days ago Cllr Sarah Lunnon helped get some Council 4x4s to help rescue residents who got trapped at a days service in Stroud.

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Philip Booth said...

As a result of the various complaints this has now been issued:

Warning over grit bins
Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Police have received reports of people taking salt from grit bins for personal use.
Concerns have also been raised about people emptying the bins to sell on the salt themselves.
The grit bins are filled by the council so parish councils and residents are able to treat their local roads and pavements.
It is not for people to salt their own drives and taking the salt to sell on is a criminal offence.
The bins are generally situated close to sharp bends or inclines, effectively those areas where the salt is needed the most.
Members of the public are asked to report anyone they see acting suspiciously or anyone using salt from the grit bins for personal use to Gloucestershire Police.
Cllr Stan Waddington, cabinet member for environment, said: “I am extremely disappointed that some people are using the weather situation for their own personal gain.
“I appreciate that it is only the minority we’re talking about, but this does undermine what we’re trying to do.
“It’s no secret that the UK is facing a salt shortage so the salt being put into these bins is precious and should only be used to help people get around in their communities.
“I would ask everyone to be responsible with the grit bins and if you do spot someone doing something they shouldn’t then report it to the police.”
A spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said: "Any form of theft will not be tolerated and to steal salt from grit bins, especially at this time, is not only illegal but also puts lives at risk.
“Anyone with any information about these despicable crimes is urged to contact us on 0845 090 1234 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”