6 Jan 2010

Snow brings rubbish fears

Some will remember the huge volume of dreadful rubbish left by tobogganers on Devereux Hill last February. There are concerns that it could be worse this time. Already broken sledges and sheets of plastic have been left by fun-seekers - last year the mess took many people hours to clear the several skip loads of debris.

I have helped today put up some notices from the County Council along with black bin bags and tried to talk to at least some of those with sledges - one of the landowners also looks set to appear on Points West to raise this issue.

Meanwhile I was fortunate in being able to work at home today - although didn't get out in the snow until dark - hoping roads will be clear enough to get out tomorrow at the moment only 4x4s are making their way along Bread Street and even one of those slid as I watched.

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