23 Jan 2010

Crowd of 80 see Randwick Village Hall loos open

Today saw a crowd of nearly 80 people come to the opening of our village hall's loos. I have to note it has been an impressive feat - what other village would have 80 folk come out to open loos? And what other village could raise the funds in some 7 months?

Photos: Alan Tomlinson getting ribbon ready for opening, Val Flack, two photos of crowd, the new plaque with improvements listed, the childrens toilet (hugely popular with little ones) and the shower/disabled loo.

Huge congrats must go to all who helped make it possible - but as Alan Tomlinson, Randwick Wap Mayor said in the opening speech, particular thanks to 'Team Flack' - Hardon and especially Val Flack for their huge efforts to make it possible.

It was a lovely morning with a great selection of cakes all in aid of Haiti. Indeed there is also a Ceilidh being organised on Saturday, 30th January at the Randwick Village Hall to raise funds for the disaster appeal. More of that in another blog coming soon but more info from Richard Hannah on 01905 371 268.

All this reminds me of 15 months ago when we opened the toilets at the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Village Shop - see here. Then they used toilet roll instead of ribbon but clearly Randwick are a little more upmarket?! But nice to see that the ribbon was recycled from a wedding at the church!
Anyway I left the Village Hall to go to a Potato Day - more of that in a blog on Monday. Meanwhile see here how to book the Village hall.

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