26 Oct 2008

Village Shop: 10th Anniversary party today

I was delighted to get an invite to Whiteshill and Ruscombe's Village Shop 10th Anniversary party - 10 years of serving the community - all run by volunteers - a real birthday party with plenty of sandwiches, cream scones and of course a cake - see the photo left of the team of volunteers who keep this shop going ...

...especially Mary and her daughter Emma who made the wonderful cake - a close up reveals The Citizen gets an advert on the cake (see photo)! Indeed their photographer was there in his own time - he lives locally and is one of the many supporting this community shop.

The afternoon started with opening the new toilet - the old one suffered a fire a year ago (see here) - since then those in the shop, local school, playgroup and more have been raising monies to put it right - David Drew MP was there to cut the ribbon - in the case a stream of toilet roll!!

See photos - he also applauded all the hard work of those involved in keeping the shop going and indeed raising the money for the toilet. Indeed the community has been great on this.

Anyhow there was also a raffle - and the sun was out - maybe 50 people came to the party and the shop was festooned with cards from local children - and the cafe was serving drinks and wine - and of course there is the wonderful views across the valley - as I've said before this is the cafe with the best view in the county!

Anyhow I've rambled on long enough - it is a great achievement to reach 10 years - they had some of the photos from that time on the wall - see below the crane lifting the portacabin into position - see here an old news story that gives some background for those who don't know about it.

The Shop is still looking for volunteers to help run it and with all sorts from publicity and painting a new sign to perhaps a website designer? Give us a call if you are interested - and don't forget if you live local please support it - and don't forget while prices are in some cases a very little more than supermarkets it is basically cheaper than many corner shops and cheaper on lots than the local Tesco Express - I remember helping with a survey a long while ago looking at basket prices to promote the shop - see here.

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