19 Jan 2010

Bloggers unite for Haiti

Bloggers Unite for Haiti is today January 19 - the idea is to share information about this disaster and how people around the world can provide aid to ongoing relief efforts.The purpose of Bloggers Unite for Haiti is to encourage bloggers to posts about ways to donate to help the relief efforts in Haiti. They also encourage posts about current conditions in Haiti or to share information about this tragic event with readers around the world.

Well many of us have seen the disturbing images and heard some of the stories coming out of Haiti - the worst earthquake in 200 years - it has led to countless deaths and tragedies.
Haiti's infrastructure and communications have been shattered.

The London-based Haiti Support Group can be found here with suggestions to donate money. It is also worth noting the international charity RedR is supporting aid agencies, who are deploying emergency teams in response. Also see the Oxfam link here. Mind beware of internet scams - the FBI have issued a warning regarding the Haiti earthquake - see here.

The Green party of the United States is urging President Obama to make peace, political self-determination, and economic self-sufficiency part of US relief efforts for Haiti - see here.
"We hope President Obama sees this sad occasion as a chance to initiate a new era of relations with Haiti, one based on cooperation, respect, and non-intervention. It should begin with a massive and green rebuilding effort that promotes Haiti's political self-determination and economic self-sufficiency. If President Obama's post-earthquake aid plan for Haiti puts an end to a century of exploitation for cheap labor, brutal human rights abuses by US-backed regimes, colonial corruption and graft, and political bullying by the US, he'll be remembered for having helped the Haitian people emerge from two disasters -- the earthquake itself and Haiti's status as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere."
Rosa Clemente, 2008 Green nominee for Vice President of the United States

"The decision on Friday, January 15, to grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitians residing in the US before January 12 was long overdue. We're glad the Obama Administration announced that deportations of undocumented Haitians in the US will cease and that Haitians will be allowed access to employment opportunities so they can support their families."
Betty Davis, co-chair of the Green Party Black Caucus.
Haiti has seen improvements in recent years - it is shattering to see these swept away. Yet seeing the Haitian people's courage and faith in the midst of catastrophe is inspiring. Their is hope that after this earthquake something good can come. It is also inspiring to see thousands of others writing similar posts to this in an effort to spread the cry for help as far and wide as possible. There can be few who have not heard about this disaster.

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