24 Jan 2010

Ceilidh on 30th Jan at Randwick for Haiti

Last week was bloggers day for Haiti (another on 1st Feb) - and locally already folk are already raising money - the opening of the loos on Saturday at Randwick Village Hall added £62 to the Haiti fund - and in Whiteshill too money has been raised.

Photo: frosty morning across Ruscombe fields

Now comes a Ceilidh on Saturday, 30th January at Randwick Village Hall to raise funds for the disaster appeal. The band will be the 'usual suspects' under the name of "The Randwick Disaster Band" and various callers will be on hand.

There is no entry price but they are asking for donations on the door - plus anything else you would like to give during the evening. The traditional re-cycling raffle will be held - all prizes to be unwanted prizes from previous raffles (donations please!). Light refreshments (for a donation) and tap water (free) will be available - otherwise bring your own.

The advert says: "Please support us by coming to dance, join the band, call some dances, or just for the good company and music. It would be nice to have an interval dance display so if you are part of a Morris, Rapper, Appalachian, Sword or any other traditional dance club, please come forward and show off for a good cause - advance knowledge would be useful. Thanks to the generosity if the Randwick Village Hall Committee in waiving the fees, ALL the proceeds will go to the disaster appeal. If you live too far from Randwick to come - organise your own!"

Details: Starts at 7:30 pm. Band - Anyone who turns up with an instrument. Callers - Richard Hannah plus any one else who wants to have a go. All receipts will be passed to the Disaster Emergency Committee (www.DEC.ORG.UK). If you want to support this but cannot come, please visit their web site or send a cheque made payable to "DEC HAITI EARTHQUAKE" and it will be included with the evenings donation. To find Randwick Village Hall use http://www.multimap.com/s/TwoRJwMz (Post code GL6 6JA). Contact for tickets: Richard Hannah - 01905 371 268 and Norma Mills - 01453 885 543

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