13 Dec 2009

Bits and Bobs: logo, starlings, bus fumes, wood fuel and more

This blog is full of bits of info and updates on various local stuff:

Starlings - they have been amazing at dusk just outside Slimbridge (see photo) - if you have never seen them don't miss! It is an extraordinary site to see the clouds of birds join, twist and turn across the sky - one of the best sights ever!!

Randwick Parish Council have agreed on their logo - a version by Russ of the old logo of the lone Ash - see picture below.

Whiteshill goes 1940s - Great to see all of Whiteshill School dressed in 1940s costume for a train ride to Swindon Steam Museum - all part of their Second World War theme.

Humphrey's End Allotments proposal - the draft lease has now gone to solicitors so we are hopeful that papers can be agreed and might be signed in January and then the site could be cleared then allotments created....maybe even some veg next year.

Gypsy exhibits - the pics here by Gypsy are from a gallery last week in Nailsworth but this local artist opened another exhibition at The Space yesterday which runs until 17th December - 10am to 4pm - entitled "Trees: an exhibition by Gypsy" - I've not had a chance to visit yet but have enjoyed her work in the past.

Stroud Pasty - have you tried yours yet? Available in the shambles street market.

Wood Fuel Project in Randwick? Some will be aware of the success of the wood fuel project in Hawkwood where 12 folk go monthly into the woods with chainsaws to collect fire wood. I've mentioned before hopes to set up a similar project this side of Stroud - there are of course various issues like costs, insurance, training, equipment etc that need some discussion - plus talk with local woodland owners. However some of us have a meeting planned for Tues 5th January at 7.30 in The Vine Tree pub in Randwick village - this is a chance to shape this possible project which will hopefully bring many benefits including new skills, fun and of course firewood. Please let me know if you can make the meeting or are interested in the project.

Open Homes 2010 - well this week we had a meeting to put the finishing touches to a report on this year's Open Homes event - available very soon on the Open Homes website - Helen Royall (pictured) has agreed to Coordinate next years event so is now off in search of funding - there is also a possibility of an Open Gardens event to include reskilling like chicken keeping, veg growing, compost making etc - we'll see - it maybe that needs to wait until 2011 unless we can find the resources to make it happen sooner!

Acorn School Christmas Fair - this pic is from the fair last weekend - one of many wonderful fairs across the District at this time of year - and so much more pleasurable to find handmade gifts for Christmas than in those big stores.

100 Exciting Lectures on All Things Green - a link to this site was recently sent to me and I've now had a time to browse - worth a visit - See here.

Vestas update - the campaign to save the Vesta wind factory on the Isle of Wight continues - they may have been evicted but it appears the campaign has paid off - £3.5m in research monies into offshore wind will go to Vestas on the Island - see here - not enough but a start - see here pics of our small Vestas demo in Stroud.

Stagecoach success - I had some correspondence over the issue of bus drivers ignoring notices and their company guidance, in relation to switching engines off when stationary at bus stops. A campaigner wrote to me regarding the 504 Service in Wotton being particularly bad - he has recently sent the reply he got from Stagecoach. I am delighted to hear they are taking the issue seriously and acted very promptly - well done to them. I note already an improvement has been seen - however it is probably worth keeping an eye out!

Just for the record their minimum expectations are that if a driver knows they are going to be stationary for 3 minutes, or longer, that they switch their engine off to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary disturbance to residents or businesses in the places that they stop.

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