14 Sep 2009

Eco-Renovation Open Homes weekend was a stonking success

Below is some of what we sent to the press regarding the Stroud Eco Renovation Open Homes this last weekend - plus details of talk coming up in October - it really was a great weekend - the weather was wonderful and home owners wonderfully informative - I managed to get around several of the homes - photos enclosed with this blog - more info about the homes on the Open Homes website - I'll do another separate blog re The Exchange.

First two photos: new build in Rodborough with rainwater harvesting, solar and lots more.

Saturday began with helping set up the exhibition at the Exchange - balloons and all - they were from Open Heriatge and sadly not biodegradable but am sure helped people find their way to exhibits. Of course this weekend has been full of other activities like the launch of the Stroud Pound and Fairtrade directory plus Randwick Horticultural Show.

Photos: The Hill - this little bungalow converted into this modern home with sedum roof, aluminum floors, a wonderful balcony plus various eco-measures like the air source heat pump

Helen Royall, Coordinator of the project this year said: "We are delighted by the hugely positive response from visitors to the homes and exhibitions. We had over 20 homes open to show measures like insulation, wood pellet boilers, solar, sedum roofs and rainwater harvesting plus the installers fair."

Helen Royall continued: "I am still collecting info regarding the numbers of visits, but it looks set to be well over 600 plus 200 people going to exhibition at The Exchange. We are also hoping people will switch to local energy company Ecotricity on their green tariff as each time Transition Stroud gets £25 to help fund future low carbon projects like Open Homes (i)."

Photos: Far Westrip farm with solar, a meter that goes backwards, a Greenfuels converter of chipfat to biodiesel and a wood pellet boiler

Philip Booth, who helped organise said: "Helen Royall has organised a resoundingly successful event. Thanks indeed. This is all about giving people the chance to see, touch and hear at first hand from homeowners about their eco-renovations: the highs and the lows, what worked and what didn't. With new feed-in tariffs and rising energy prices there has never been a better time to invest in these measures."

Philip Booth added: "If people missed the event advice from the Energy Savings Trust and SWEA is excellent. There is also the 'Low Carbon Home Show' on Tuesday 6th October in Painswick Town Hall with free advice from experts: booking essential on 01452 835076."

Photo: Wall at Co-Housing in Uplands and view of co-housing

Big Thanks

Philip Booth added: "Big thanks to the many that helped including Debbie Hewitt for organising the walk, Liz Hillary for the website, Graham Stanley from the Gloucestershire Minibus Sharing Scheme, Ecotricity, Stroud District Council, Stroud Town Council, Helen and Peter Nightingale for pizzas, cream teas and cafe, Stroud Valleys Project and Heritage Open Days. Of course special thanks must go to all the homeowners who are so very kindly opening their homes to the public."

Photos: Nightingale pizzas on the Sunday - yum indeed! See my blog from a while ago re how to make one of those ovens here.

For more information on Open Homes call Helen Royall on 755509 or email admin(at)transitionstroud.org

We will be writing a full report of the event in the next weeks but you can see more about the homes and the project at: http://www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk/

Photos: Ecoglass recycled work top in home in Rodborough - made from granite chips and more - looks great! Glos Minibus Sharing Scheme with Graham Stanley.


(i) Ecotricity is an electricity company with a difference. As green energy pioneers, Ecotricity is dedicated to building new wind turbines to fight climate change. Switching is easy and it's the biggest single step you can take to reduce your emissions and protect the environment. Act now and sign up to Ecotricity at www.ecotricity.co.uk/transtroud or by ringing free on 08000 302302 and quote ‘Transition Stroud’. Transition Stroud receives a kind donation from Ecotricity every time someone makes the switch.

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