13 Aug 2009

Vestas demo in Stroud yesterday

This blog has covered news re the Vestas campaign - see for example here - the occupation has ended but a picket has started at Newport, Isle of Wight to prevent Vestas taking back control of the machinery etc.

Photos: first: Adam Keating, Matt Goldman, myself, David Drew and James Beecher while below Imogen Shaw joins James and Matt in some bicycle-powered music making

Yesterday I joined the demo/protest in Stroud supporting the National Day of Action in Solidarity with Vestas Workers - I joined the demo at 6pm outside the Sub Rooms - we were a small crowd that was joined by David Drew MP. Not sure if you can see but I coloured the turbines green on the posters?!

As I've noted before the government found millions for the car industry and the banks - now it's time for them to invest just a fraction of that in saving this factory, the 600 jobs, and our hopes of developing viable low-carbon energy. One glimmer of hope is that Green party leader and Euro-MP is putting a proposal to the Leader of the Isle of Wight Council for support for a worker co-operative at the Vestas wind turbine manufacturing plant to be established under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007. Failure to keep this Vestas plant open will represent a spectacular failure by the government to match its rhetoric on green jobs with real policy action. See more here.

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