8 Sep 2009

Voted 9th Top Green Blog!

I have been a bit too busy in recent weeks to catch up on the world of Green blogs so was delighted to find that I have been voted in at number 9 out of 110 - up from 16 last year in the Total Politics poll (see here). The Best Green Blogs I was at 5 last year, but this year that list hasn't been repeated.

1 )1) The Daily (Maybe)
2 (2) Two Doctors
3 (9) Peter Cranie
4 (3) Another Green World
5 (10) Barkingside 21
6 (7) Philobiblon
7 (6) Green Ladywell
8 (18) Rupert Read
9 (16) Ruscombe Green
10 Green Reading
11 Mabinogogiblog
12 Anglo-Buddhist Combine
13 Joseph Healy for Vauxhall
14 Bloggy Blanc
15 Caroline Lucas MEP
16 East is Green
17 Green Construction UK
18 Stuart's Big Green Spot
19 Weggis
20 Whirled Peas
21 (5) George Monbiot
22 Green Left
23 (13) Greenman's Occasional Organ
24 Croydon Greens
25 Greenpeace

See my comments to local press here.

This list is the result of more than 1,500 people who voted in the Total Politics Annual Blog Poll during the second half of July. For a full list of all 110 Green political blogs click here

All these lists, together with articles from leading blog commentators, will be published in the 'Total Politics Guide To Political Blogging', which will be published in mid September at £12.99. You can preorder your copy HERE.


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