8 Sep 2009

Join incinerator demo tomorrow

Here's what I sent out to press earlier today regarding tomorrows demo - unfortunately I am not sure I can make it but will be there in spirit if not!

Martin Whiteside, the Green party's Parliamentary candidate for Stroud will join other Green party councillors and members and campaign groups Friends of the Earth, Gloucestershire Against Incinerators and SWARD (Safety in Waste And Rubbish Disposal) at Shire Hall at 9.30am on Wednesday 9th September to protest against the possibility of the building of a Mass Burn Incinerator in the County.

Martin Whiteside will say: "Mass Burn Incinerators are inefficient and inflexible, for GCC to be proceeding with a procurement process which has not excluded single site incineration would seem to indicate that they have not understood the environmental, sustainability and energy issues which are going to confront Gloucestershire over the next two decades. How GCC deals with its black-bag waste is set to be a litmus test on it environmental agenda. Will the county provide us with a low emission, carbon efficient waste disposal scheme as other counties have? Or will it saddle the people of Gloucestershire with an inefficient, inflexible white elephant and potentially end up ferrying waste into the county to feed it?"

On Wednesday 2nd September ahead of this County Council meeting, the local Green party met at Star Anise and agreed to an updated version of their local domestic/municipal waste policy. It again firmly rules out large incinerators and urges the County to use technologies like MBT and AD that make more sense environmentally and economically. It was a good evening with some good discussions. The Green party's policy can be viewed at: www.glosgreenparty.org.uk/waste

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to all who went - we must stop this incinerator