9 Sep 2009

Stand up for BBC

Last week I signed a petition to stand up for the BBC:

Photo: Randwick woods

The papers have been full of Sky Chief Exec James Murdoch's comments, where he labels the BBC 'Orwellian' state-sponsored news. This comes at the same time the Government is considering top-slicing the License Fee to fund commercial news organisations. As the campaign group 38 degrees say: "Never has the BBC been so under threat. Now is the time to draw a line in the sand, and for us to stand up for the BBC and the excellent work this great national institution does. Sign our petition to support the BBC, together we can make a real difference in preserving the Beeb's integrity."

As regular blog readers will know I don't have a TV but use the radio - the BBC certainly has it's flaws but keeping the BBC is crucial. It is vital we look at ways of improving them rather than letting the big corporations have even greater hold over our news.


Russ said...

yes, you only have to look at Murdock's Fox News, in the US, to see his vision of market lead media.
It's ok, if you like Tom&Jerry type news, but it is basically a Republican Party PR company....So you can see why the Murdocks would like that

Dorothea said...

Whilst I'm happy to stand up for the BBC against the loony extreme libertarians at Con-Home or CiF, for example, there are many valid criticisms that can be made of the BBC, including the fact that many of their executives and so-called celebrities are enriching themselves too much from public funds, that they are too often biased and representing mainly the views of the metropolitan chattering classes, and that they are over-reaching themselves with far too many fancy extras and need to stick to what's important.

Then maybe the license fee will be affordable again, which it isn't at the moment, so I've had to give up having a TV.

Anonymous said...

The last comment is right - it is all very well standing up for BBC - which we need to do - but they are shooting themselves in the foot with their celeb pay and failures to cover different views of politics - the greens got a million votes in last electiosn yet still we hardly hear a mention of them.