22 Sep 2009

Eco-Renovation Open Homes 2010?

Monday I met with folk who helped organise the Eco-Renovation Open Homes weekend - we looked at loads of feedback and will be writing a report - but we are delighted by over 600 visits made to the houses and 200 to the installers fair at The Exchange.

Photos: Me with the leaflets and the two banners re Open Homes - one on Merrywalks bridge and the other outside Waitrose - despite following advice on the size of banners I think they could have been larger? Below balloons advertising way to The Exchange - sadly not biodegradable but big thanks to Open Heritage Days for their enormous support in providing insurance cover for houses participating. Lastly a shot of Helen Royall.

In the report on the homes must go big thanks to Helen Royall who coordinated the event this year - she was a star! Anyway in our discussion we explored the possibilities of another year of Open Homes - if we go ahead we will need to keep it fresh and introduce some new homes...apparently visits to Oxford Open homes this year were down on the previous two years. Having said that with moves by the Government on feed-in tariffs and other measures I reckon the interest will be growing.

"...it was enlightening to see what is possible by visiting some of the exhibitors who were part of last week-ends Eco-Renovation Open Homes event. This is a welcome annual addition to Stroud district’s calendar. We must all do more to go green. I welcome the growth in take up of renewables both at producer and consumer level."
David Drew on Open Homes in Stroud Life

One further idea being explored is a sort of Open Food Gardens or Open Eco_Gardens - can't get the title yet but a chance to see allotments, chickens, community orchards, other food gardens, wildlife gardening etc. We plan to explore further at the big Transition Stroud meeting this Saturday.


ErickMcG said...

There is so much that can be done by regular people to "green up" their homes that is both affordable and easy to implement. Thank you so much for supporting and promoting green practices! I hope the Eco-Renovation Open Homes becomes an annual event.



Philip Booth said...

Thanks for your comment - we are hoping to do it again in 2010 but want to keep it fresh so it might be slightly different.