13 Jun 2009

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish meeting: update on various local issues

Well it is early and I've got a busy day so just a quick update on some of the items that were discussed on Thursday....

Cartoon: from Russ

- following the sad death of Michael Lakin there is now a vacancy on the Parish Council - it will be advertised shortly.

- the plan for allotments moves closer - I've been on the Parish Working Party Group - the site has been identified, many draft plans drawn up and a couple of weeks ago we had another site meeting this time with the local Crime Prevention Officer to see what others issues we need to consider - however the Parish rightly want to see what interest there is from those on the waiting list so they have been invited to a meeting on 25th - sadly that is also the night of Full Council so I can't be there - then the next step is agreeing legal stuff with the landowner, drawing up contracts and then clearing the site - the latter will be a major task - and suspect the site will only be for 6 allotments? We'll see but it is an important start and I am hoping this will work and lead to other similar projects with private landowners around the District - see here some background and more why we need allotments here

- the Parish agreed with me that changing the AONB covenant was wrong - see here

- they again agreed the ward name change - see here

- the Basketball hoop moves closer to being installed - all sorts of problems have transpired but after another quote it looks like we will proceed - see some background here

- the 20 is Plenty scheme is approved - signs have been ordered and soon to go up with stickers for all parishioners recycling boxes - see more here

- the Parish also added it's support to Save Our Green Spaces campaign - see Greens joining the local campaign here

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