1 May 2009

Green Open Mic Night tomorrow

Don't forget Saturday night - that's tomorrow - and the launch of the 'Green Knight' beer with a knight on horseback turning up at 6.30ish to wish Green candidates in the coming elections well - lead Euro candidate Ricky Knight will be there and do a number or two during the evening - see more about the beer and evening here. During the day Greens will be out in both Nailsworth and Stroud publicising the evening and more importantly the elections and the chance to get more Greens elected.

My first experience of an Open Mic night was a couple of weeks ago at the Village Inn when I went to discuss the beer launch and evening. I have to say I loved it - it was great to see so much talent - the couple of photos are from then - some of those singers/bands have agreed to play again tomorrow night. It should be a great evening - we even have someone telling the story of the Green Knight - an abbreviated version - so do please bring along your own song, poem or whatever...

In many places Open Mic was established to provide an opportunity for people to gain experience performing to a live audience without having to go through the process of getting normal music gigs. They are gaining popularity across the country - indeed in Stroud area there are several other venues. However in Nailsworth I suspect it is more about having fun as some I have already seen at live events and others are easily talented enough for their own gigs...I've urged our local papers to do a feature on them as too many people (like me) that I have spoken to have not experienced one!!

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