1 May 2009

Sign petition on Afghanistan

From Iraq to Afghanistan
The local press asked yesterday for a comment on Iraq - see here - however I also want to draw attention to this petition. While we can all welcome the troops leaving Iraq, the pull out is only partly in response to public opinion, it is also a product of the decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

Cartoon: Steve Bell taken from Stop the War website

The Stop the War Coalition, of which the Green party is a part, has just launched a petition to Gordon Brown demanding the withdrawal of all British troops from Afghanistan. In fact so new that I was the third signature. As regular blog readers will know Greens have opposed the war in Afghanistan from the start. Please consider signing online: http://www.petitiononline.com/stwc01/petition.html


Russ said...

I've been trying to work out what that picture means.....(??)

Philip Booth said...

About troops leaving Iraq to go to Afghanistan and increase the fighting there...