18 Apr 2009

Greens launch organic beer for elections

The Green Party will launch their Euro and Glos County election campaign on Saturday 2nd May in Nailsworth with an Open Mic night and a specially brewed organic beer - 'Green Knight' named after Ricky Knight, the Greens lead Euro candidate. It is possible the first beer ever to be named after a European election candidate!

Leaflet: draft ad to publicise event

The Nailsworth Brewery at The Village Inn has brewed the beer especially for the election campaign and 'Green Knight' will be on sale that evening from 6.30pm for the first time after a short speech from Ricky Knight.

Not sure quite how but I seem to have ended up organising the event - the evening will then see a short Green Pub Quiz and then from 8pm an Open Mic night. All acts are welcome - comedy, music or poetry. Ricky will also be doing a number. A full PA system is available, with mics, leads and monitoring system.

The Village Inn is well known for it's quality Open Mic night's on Wednesdays so we are hoping many will join us for the evening. It is a great way to see a variety of local talent - and of course a chance to try out this new beer - apparently it is a light, hoppy organic beer with hints of grapefruit and elderflower coming in at 4.4% abv.

Ricky Knight , a Green councillor in Barnstable, who gave up his job as a language teacher to campaign full time for the European elections said: "I am honoured to have a beer named after me, but this is really about getting a Green voice in the South West. We need it more than ever. The European Elections are run on a Proportional Representation system, which means the Greens are in for a really good chance this time. At the moment, there is no Green voice representing the South West. The 38% of the electorate who voted last time returned three Conservatives, two UKIP and one Lib Dem and Labour MEPs. This time, with the economy in such a mess and the environment balanced on tipping points, the best possible message to send to those that have failed to represent us, is to vote Green on June 4th." See more of what Ricky has to say re pubs closing here.

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