18 Apr 2009

Cyril Laffort's photo exhibition of Glastonbury Festival

Today I saw the exhibition of photographs of Glastonbury festival at The Space in Lansdown, Stroud (10 t0 4pm each day). It is only open until Tuesday - I strongly recommend getting down there (although I thought it went until Thursday).

Photos: snaps I took of exhibition - but go see it!

Stroud photographer Cyril Laffort was one of the Glastonbury photographers in residence or some such title and has some great quality pics that conjure up the feel of Glastonbury - his photos are presented along with poems from Glastonbury Festival's official website poets and some from Stroud wordsmith Adam Horovitz.

This exhibition is the first time he has shown his personal edited selection of 75 images of highlights from the Glastonbury festivals in 2007 and 2008. All the photographs, printed on a limited edition, are for sale with 35% of the profits going to WaterAid. Excellent stuff. See more at Glastonbury website here.

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