2 Feb 2009

Vodaphone mast for Carpenters Arms?

I have just heard about a proposal by Vodaphone to erect a five metre high mast in the top corner of the Carpenters Arms Car Park - the same as the one already installed the Prince of Wales in Cashes Green (see more re that one here).

Photo: Tree Woman of Standish woods

Consultation appears to be very limited at this time - unlike the one proposed at Ash Lane with Orange - myself and the Parish Council have not been informed and news has only come from a letter sent to a house on the opposite side of the footpath down from the Carps to Westrip Place. To date neither I nor the Parish have received comments either for or against - no doubt due to the lack of awareness of the proposal or possibly because it is in a less contentious site than that at Ash Lane (see here re the successful fight to reject the application for a mast at Ash Lane here). It is technically just outside my ward but what do folk feel about this? Do please email me.

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