2 Feb 2009

Locals star in 'The Seven Ages of Love'

The Seven Ages of Love is a film that combines documentary and performance poetry to give seven differing perspectives on what ‘love’ means in Britain today - 7.30pm, Fri 13th February, Channel 4.

Photos: todays snow - I was working at home today so was able to escape for some tobogganing in Ruscombe this afternoon when schools finished early - only trouble is this evening will now be catching up with the work - but loved the snow!

Locals Yvonne and Reg star in the documentary - the stories are apparently told through verse penned by up and coming poet Luke Wright - each chapter brings a new layer of complexity and nuance to the picture postcard view of love that we believe as children. As we work up through the ages, we see couples in a variety of situations in different enclaves of British life, from the bittersweet to the unashamedly optimistic, who remain convinced about the enduring power of love.

When Yvonne and Reg, who are both deaf, met they just knew they’d found ‘the one’. They perform their poem through sign language, a visually expressive tribute to their feelings for each other. Apparently in the preparation meeting with them Luke talks of being bombarded by cushions from their three children.

Luke Wright, 4Talent award winner and Aisle16 founder is advertised as possibly the hardest working man in poetry. Since 2006 he’s launched his own curve-ball bid to become Poet Laureate, programmed and hosted Latitude’s poetry arena (the largest poetry event in Europe) and has become the newest poet-in-residence on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live. The Observer described him as “the best young performance poet around,” and Metro called him “performance poetry’s key revivalist.”

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