2 Feb 2009

Local organisation: need a grant?

Grants have been in the news locally following the very welcomed U-turn on grants by the District Council - see here - however times are getting harder and I have had several enquiries this week alone re grants.

In the last couple of weeks I've also supported a couple of applications to local organisations for funds - strangely some grants require a local person like a councillor who is also CRB checked - work and the local Woodcraft group mean I have been CRB checked 3 times in the last year alone.

Anyhow perhaps the best place to start is here for information about grants for local organisations. Stroud District Council has also subscribed to an excellent funding database which is accessible for Stroud residents to use to search funding opportunities. See here. Good luck!

Lastly if you are looking to support a local organisation you could consider Randwick Village Halls hopes for a new toilet block - donations welcomed plus if you pay £10 a year you can have 8 draws a year with top prize around £100 - to enter ring Morton Watkins on 751248.

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