18 Jun 2008

Walking the Land exhibition

Earlier today I managed to visit the Space in Stroud and the Walking the Land exhibition. See their website - especially photos from the amazing 'River'exhibition - all sorts capturing the River Severn - Britain's longest river. Indeed there is lots on their website to explore:

One of the exhibits that touched me at the exhibition today was a few photos from people with treasured local trees - the exhibition asks people to email their trees - now I could mention quite a few like locally the 'Lone Ash' - but one that touched me lots was a beautiful cherry tree that was cut down to make way for an off-road parking space.

The homeowners did nothing legally wrong but there was no consultation and to me this shows a shocking disregard for our urban trees by our Highways Department - indeed see the previous blog which I wrote more about urban trees here. The second photo is how it is now.

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