19 Jun 2008

Local news bits

I am just back from a 4 hour scrutiny meeting and then enjoying a glass of wine before catching up on emails - the papers this week seem to have been full of local stuff - several articles about the success of Alan Tomlinson and others in getting funding and more for Randwick Village Hall - now heading to be the first carbon neutral village hall in the country (see earlier blog entries on this)...anyhow here's a quick round up of some of the other stories plus a few other bits and pieces...

Laburnam Crescent - we have finally got approval for a new tree to replace the dead one - the plan is to plant it at the street party. This week I went down the road with my fork and spade and dug up the old dead tree (see photo).

Open Gardens in Whiteshill - on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th - 6 gardens 2pm to 5pm with teas, plants and more in aid of the village shop, Dogs Trust and British Heart Foundation.

"Miracle vicar bids farewell" - Stroud Life report on our famous vicar who is retiring from the Parish. The Rev Denise Cole, 65, has been the assistant priest at Whiteshill, Randwick and Paganhill. She is quoted saying: “It will give me a chance to say no if my own needs have to come first on some occasions. A priest is always a priest. It is not work. I believe it is a way of life. It isn’t a collar." She will be a great loss as she has been wonderful for this community - a huge support to many - here is some more background stuff from Stroud Life: "Ordained local minister in 2000, Rev Cole was brought up by atheist parents in Kent. Her nurse training took her to Bath where she met her husband of 44 years, John, to whom she is grateful for supporting her role as a non-stipendiary member of the clergy. With hindsight, Rev Cole said she saw many stepping stones along the way to her conversion to the Christian faith. But it was on a healing visit to the Holy Land, when she was aged only 39 and suffering badly from Multiple Sclerosis, that Rev Cole was miraculously cured. She had struggled to finished the Way of the Cross, a walk along the path Christ is thought to have taken to his death. Hobbling on sticks because of her MS, Rev Cole reached the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus was crucified, buried and rose again, and her degenerative illness vanished. “That was my conversion,” said Rev Cole, who confounded her doctors by her recovery. She later appeared on television’s “Highway” religious programme with the late Sir Harry Seacombe to give her testimony and has travelled widely around the UK to talk about her experience. Mrs Cole has also helped drug addicts, been involved with the Mothers Union, the Beresford women’s refuge in Stroud and is deeply concerned with conflict in the Middle East which she has visited many times.

Repairs at last to Doublespout - see two photos - the road has had a river running across it at this section for many weeks - it is at last being put right.

Alpacas savaged by a dog and sheep shot dead by rifleman - this was another story - and shocking - in the first attack, farmer Matt Jeynes had 10 of his sheep shot dead on farmland in Corse Lawn by a mystery rifleman. While in a separate incident, two alpacas in Whiteshill were mauled to death by a dog. Police have appealed for information to track down the dog's owner after the attack in Whiteshill, between 1pm and 3pm on Monday, June 16. A public footpath in the field has been fenced off to protect the alpacas. The path is often used by dog walkers between Haresfield Beacon and Randwick Woods. A woman had been seen calling away a small black dog, possibly a Labrador, from an Alpaca shortly before the discovery was made. The Citizen report PC Sian Garland saying: “This was a very frenzied attack on timid and gentle livestock who have a strong sense of family.” It is believed that the dog responsible would have been left heavily blood stained as a result of the attack. Police are calling for the dog owner, or dog walkers who use the route who may have information or witnessed the incident, to come forward. If you have any information about the shootings call police on 08457 444 888, quoting either 489S/160608 or 763S/160608. If it's about the Alpaca attacks contact police on 0845 090 1234 quoting incident 329 of June 16.

Whiteshill Chicane - see photo left - still awaiting repairs and despite residents, Parish and myself writing we have not even had a response. The cycle part through remains blocked - how many months? And why no reply?

400 cyclists - on Sunday 400 folk cycled along the Golden Valley from Stroud to Chalford to highlight the need for a cycle path. I know several Whiteshill folk amongst them - sadly I was away so missed the event but good on them all - it is sad that at the moment the canal regeneration project seems to be going for only a metre wide multi-user trail on that section - not much good for commuting if you have pedestrians on the route - we are missing something serious if we don't see a proper route developed. Meanwhile there have been various activities this week promoting cycling to school and Green Travel week (see photo of poster with suppport from Transition Stroud).

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