6 Jun 2015

Revolution; a story 3.5 billion years in the making!

In 1986 I was fortunate to work for six months for the Australian Oxfam in Sydney. Before leaving Australia I made a trip up the coast. I was completely blown away by the magic of three days of snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. At the time I dubbed it the 'Eighth Wonder of the World’ and it still lives in my memory as one of those totally, totally special places.

Many such extraordinary places have played a big part of my love for our wonderful world and helped informed a passion to build a future where our children and grandchildren can have a future and some of that beauty.

Now comes a feature documentary film that captures that magic, doesn’t shy away from telling the truth about the environmental threats, but also has a message of hope and inspiration. 'Revolution' is a rare combination - a film that is about opening eyes, changing the world and fighting for something. A film that had me close to tears, angry, in awe but also most importantly leaving me with renewed energy to join with those in this battle - not only to save the oceans - but as the film says to save ourselves.

Many of us realise our very future is threatened by catastrophic climate change. Far too little is being done. Many programmes and films that aim to inform have left me feeling even more depressed and disempowered. Others have celebrated the beauty of our world but fail to even consider the causes of our changing world. The beautiful 'Frozen Planet’ was one of those as it barely mentioned the reasons for climate change. In the last episode David Attenborough even told viewers: “The days of the Arctic Ocean being covered by a continuous sheet of ice seem to be past. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing, of course, depends on your point of view.” He then noted the new opportunities for energy exploitation and commercial shipping, but not that the vast majority of scientists believe that human activities are contributing to the warming trends (ii).

Ancient baobab tree
Pygmy seahorse

It is nearly 30 years since I was on the Barrier Reef and in just the last 25 years the Reef has seen a 38% decline. As the film says, we have a world to fight for - everyone has a chance to be a hero for our ecosystem and our future. Our side is only getting stronger; the revolution has begun and we’re apart of it. Towards the end of the film, the energy and hope from the young people is so real. We can do this!
Director Rob Stewart said "I set out to make a film to save sharks, and I’m in way over my head. Because it’s not about sharks, it’s about us. I found out we have a decision to make, and we don’t have much time".
Revolution premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and has already gone on to win ten awards, including the Social Justice Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

New Guinea
See the website that has lots of background information about stuff like acidification, overfishing and deforestation plus how to get involved in changing the world and see the film: http://therevolutionmovie.com

For every film purchased online and through the embed code links, $1.00 will go directly to the World Wildlife Fund! The remainder of each purchase is being put towards supporting Sharkwater Production’s continued mission of raising awareness and funds for conservation through its current and future environmental movies and through Rob’s other work with ecological organizations.

Rob with some of the young people

I was offered a free opportunity to review this film. However as noted previously we do not accept freebies on this site so a donation has already been made equal to the cost of viewing the film. Revolution was released in theaters and online from 22nd April 2015. We are hoping to organise a showing in Stroud soon. If there are local groups interested in a showing please contact me directly: philip.booth3(at)gmail.com

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(i) At the time the organisation was called Community Aid Abroad
(ii) See link to article on 'Frozen Planet': http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/21/business/media/discoverys-frozen-planet-is-silent-on-causes-of-climate-change.html Since then David Attenborough has spoken out more strongly and produced programmes looking at climate change.

Photos are stills from the movie with permission of the film makers.

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