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Page last updated 30th July 2018

About the blog

Philip Booth started this blog in 2006 when he was elected to Stroud District Council. The blog started as a way to communicate with local residents about his activities at the Council but it quickly broadened to other wider green issues. After May 2013 more local Green bloggers added their voice but by 2015 Philip stepped down from being a councillor and the blog was retired - although there have been some posts since then.

When the blog was live it was having almost daily posts and this has led to over 4,000 blogs. It was consistently voted amongst the country’s top green blogs. In the last Total Politics poll (2011) it was voted tenth best councillor blog in the country and the seventh best Green blog in the country. In 2015 GreenMatch placed this blog fifth best 'green blogger’ just behind Greenpeace, The Ecologist, Transition Network and Wrap.

Philip hosting Stroud Community TV Awards
Philip Booth: Philip came to the area in 1993 brought by the creative energy, beautiful countryside and work. He founded Ruscombe Green in 2006, is a former Green Party Stroud District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe (2006-2014) and works part-time for a County-wide Trust committed to building more welcoming and inclusive communities. Philip is involved in a host of local community projects like allotments, Stroud Community TV and Transition Stroud. Philip lives in Ruscombe with his partner, Ingelin whose two daughters and three granddaughters live within walking distance. 

You can follow Philip on Twitter at: @GlosUK

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