3 Mar 2009

Petition against grave threat to privacy

justiceSome will have seen my blog re the Coroners and Justice Bill - see comment here. Even the British Computer Society have made comments on it - download their report here. See petition here: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/End-of-privacy/

This bill is yet another erosion of our civil liberties.....we've seen an extraordinary list....restricting public demonstrations and protests on the 'flimsy pretext' of national security, extension of police's right to detain without charge, new surveillance powers, the presumption of innocence being reversed, the burden of proof diluted, courts sidelined, the largest DNA database and most CCTV cameras in the world.....

Molly Scott-Cato was a local Green that joined the recent debates - see here - and see reports of the Convention on Modern Liberty soon to be uploaded here:

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Anonymous said...

GCHQ expert dismisses ID cards 'bunkum' - The Independent 29/10/08 +*
Claims that ID cards will help the fight against terrorism have been
dismissed as "absolute bunkum" by a senior Government security expert
linked to GCHQ. Ministers faced embarrassment after Harvey Mattinson, a
senior consultant at the information security arm of the intelligence
listening station, spoke out at a technology conference.