3 Mar 2009

Bits of news: street surgery, Doverow clean-up, Savannah, Woodcutters and ward change

Bits and pieces of local news:

Whiteshill Street surgery
- Sunday 15th March 10 - 12 at Whiteshill Playing Field carpark - meet Police Community Support Officer Tanya White and Gary Lynch.

Photo: Star pub advertising business opportunity - apparently already an interested party

Doverow Hill Clean-up - the community have been amazing - the last two weeks have seen people taking away rubbish every day from the hill - vast quantities have been removed following the mess left after sledging - two older people were even spotted staggering to remove a broken road sign and door that had been used in the 'fun' - see background here - so by the time Sunday came for the big clean-up I hear that most of the mess had been removed - David Drew MP was amongst those who supported the clean up - good on him - it is now safe to put cattle on again.

Savannah Miller show - the Whiteshill resident had a show for her label Twenty8Twelve with her sister, Sienna Miller as part of the London Fashion Week - see more here. The Citizen on Saturday did a special feature with Savannah on the cover.

Woodcutters Arms - planning application is in again to change to residential - see brief details here - hopefully more soon.

Ward Name Change - see details here - this has taken too long to say the least but looks like it will finally go to the District Council for a formal change very soon.

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