2 May 2008

Greens win Nailsworth

Congrats to Fi Macmillan on an amazing win in Nailsworth - as soon as the results were out she had TV, radio and press seeking her views - look out for the coverage - see more re results here including link to national results - see SDC results here.

Photos: the count this morning in the Sub Rooms including results being read out for Rodborough and last night campaigning in Nailsworth

Phil Blomberg sadly missed Rodborough which saw the Tories keep their seat - results are still coming in but we sadly didn't make the gain we had hoped for in Rodborough. We are still awaiting other results in Stroud but it looks like the final make-up of the Council will be 31 Tories, 7 Labour, 6 Green, 5 Lib Dem and 2 Independents. Cheltenham and Gloucester results still to come.

We've got a Green celebration cake and coffee this afternoon - with an extra seat we hope to make even more of a difference - thanks to all who voted Green and helped win the seat.


Anonymous said...

Well done Fi and friends.

Please be sure to visit this carbon footprint reducing e-petition thanks and bless.

Philip said...

Thanks for this - double glazing would be an important step - no reason why utility companies could not step forward to help support such moves? However insulation is the first step - and I would be arguing to avoid PVC.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all that campaigned for Greens - great you got another seat

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support.
I am arranging (today) to meet chief(part time!?)conservation area planner to discuss matters further.
Re your Upvc comment.
I will be arguing against Hardwood so that only leaves the Upvc - though I do understand your preference.
thanks again..