1 May 2008

Withold war taxes for peace?

There is a talk and film planned in Gloucester that might interest folk - a campaign to pay tax for Peace, instead of War. Marching and letter writing hasn't been enough, so seven UK citizens are going to the European Court of Human Rights to claim the right for conscientious objectors to have the military part of their taxes diverted to a peace fund.

The 'Peace Tax Seven' believe this will put moral pressure on the Government to try harder to find other ways of resolving conflict. Are they hopeless idealists? Come hear Joe Jenkins explain their campaign.

In 1916 the Military Service Act recognised the conscientious objection to military service. Today it is our money that is conscripted and the law does not allow us to exercise our conscience. Seven law abiding citizens, known as the Peace Tax Seven, having withheld the military part their income tax in order for it to be used for peaceful purposes, have had their cases heard in the British courts without success and have been referred to the European Court of Human Rights. They are supported in their moral and legal process by Conscience The Peace Tax Campaign, who campaign for a change in the law. Joe Jenkins has made a film of their case in the context of today's events and the efforts of others before them, which he will show on Friday 16th May at 7pm at the Friends Meeting House, Greyfriars, Southgate Street, Gloucester GL1 1TS. Contact 01452 549669 or 01452 527390. I think this event is one not to miss.

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