15 Jun 2015

World Meat Free Day 15th June

Every day seems to be a special day for some organisation, but today is World Meat Free day so as a committed vegetarian the day has special meaning for me. If you have only just found out about this, don't worry, you can substitute another day to not eat meat.  Please eat the meat that you got in for today and don't let it go off otherwise the animal that it came from will have died in vain.

In the developed countries of the modern world eating meat is far removed from the reality of the awful conditions animals suffer in intensive factory farming, inhumane transport and under-regulated slaughter houses. Wrapped in sanitising packaging on clean shop shelves it is just another food stuff.  I always say that if you eat animals you ought to be prepared to kill them yourself, cut them up and eat/use every part of the body.

Animal farming also has an immense impact on the environment with methane emissions from cattle adding to global warming and the large concentrations of faeces adding to soil and water contamination. Grain and soya is fed to animals when that same amount of food could feed far more people directly. Amazon rainforest are cleared for cattle to live on or to grow soya to feed them which in turn affects ancient tribes and unique wildlife.

Go on, try some delicious vegetarian meals.

The World Meat Free Day website has more information.

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