17 Jun 2015

Is Neil Carmichael MP really backing action on climate change?

Neil Carmichael MP poor environmental voting record supporting fracking

The Climate Coalition lobby was covered by this blog on 17/06/2015 and today thousands of people gathered in London to press their MP to put climate change at the top of the political agenda. Many local people, including Cllr. Sarah Lunnon of the Green Party, travelled to London to lobby Neil Carmichael, MP for Stroud District.

I am sure that my fellow Stroud constituents are pleased that Mr Carmichael has proudly stated his support to tackling climate change today. On Facebook and Twitter today Mr Carmichael shared information about how he has signed to support the 0.7% GNI for international aid as a way to help countries facing the effects of climate change.

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It will be very interesting to see what other commitments Mr Carmichael will make and I look forward to speaking to friends and colleagues who were able to make it to London today. Perhaps this is a sign of some changes for Mr Carmichael whose voting record since 2010 on climate change has been at best sketchy.

Neil Carmichael MP’s poor climate change voting history

How Neil Carmichael MP has voted against the environment and our future;

  • ·         Voted against carbon emissions limit on stations which fit pollution abatement equipment
  • ·         voted against allowing financial incentives for small-scale low-carbon generation of electricity to be paid to plants which were previously too big to be eligible
  • ·         voted against requiring the setting of a target range for the amount of carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gases) produced per unit of electricity generated
  • ·         voted against requiring the UK Green Investment Bank to explicitly act in support of the target of reducing UK carbon emissions to 20% of 1990 levels by 2050 (helping to kill one of the strongest points of this potentially excellent plan)
  • ·         voted against requiring landlords of private rented homes to make their properties meet regulations on energy efficiency by January 2016 rather than April 2018 as initially proposed

In addition Mr Carmichael has explained that he is in support of fracking; of which the process, dangers, complications, expense and significant environmental risks are clearly explained in the this short 5min video https://youtu.be/Uti2niW2BRA

You can contact Neil Carmichael MP and ask him to take climate change seriously

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