4 Jun 2015

The Reality of Austerity

Following on from the previous blog, here is an example of the cruel reality of austerity.

Last night I heard that two good friends had just received redundancy notices - in fact their whole department had. They work for a local council.

It was not just their plight that concerned me. They work with vulnerable children - sharing their problems and anxieties and often having to suffer their bad behaviour.  Yet they are always there for the children and manage to keep them in mainstream schooling. My husband and I have seen our friends clearly affected by the stresses of their jobs, but remaining very committed.  Their whole department is now going - 100 years of experience in dealing with troubled children and helping them cope cast away.

This is a short term policy to reduce spending and is short-sighted in the extreme.  It will cost more in the long-term both financially and to the detriment of the children.

This is what people who voted Conservative voted for although they probably did not realise it. It is what we must fight against.

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