25 Jun 2015

The Answer to Climate Change is in the Rocks !

Just wanted to share this news by Gloscan member Fred Miller of their action a few days ago - love the art they created! And makes a change from all those messages at that site of 'Jamie For Suzie' and 'Lucy loves Jim'.....mind those are nice too...I like seeing all that love! Anyhow here's his news he's also sent to local press....

On this year’s Midsummer's Day, members of local environmental group - Gloucestershire Climate Action Network (GLOSCAN) - wrote a message with rocks at Selsley Common near Stroud. The temporary art work was made with limestone rocks in an old quarry. 

"It is a well known venue for spontaneous writing and artwork using this natural material. We fully expect these words to be re-arranged next week into other words and shapes!" said Fred Miller, one of the 'stone writers' .

The message was directed at world leaders, asking them to: 'Leave the Carbon in the Rocks', referring to the need for humans to cease the burning of fossil fuels. Gloscan member, Vaughan Webber explained: “Crucial inter-governmental climate talks are ongoing this year, on which our future depends. Awareness of the issue needs to rise to this momentous occasion. "

The climate art work also depicted wind turbines, fossils and bicycles. Fred Miller explained that, " The very limestone in this old quarry is part of the world's carbon cycle, having formed from shells and corals in tropical lagoons 170 million years ago. It is a lovely rock to work with, and there is a view of the beautiful Severn Vale landscape from up here, which would all be threatened by climate change.

"The carbon that exists in coal, oil and gas needs to stay in the ground, rather than become carbon dioxide gas in the air, when it is burned. This is because CO2 gas traps heat in the atmosphere and is leading to dangerous global warming."

"But tackling climate change is not just a problem. It is also an opportunity to address modern health issues. The alternatives to fossil fuel use have this week been flagged up by the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change, because they offer answers to many of today's health problems, through lower pollution, more exercise and better diets."

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